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SL1: How this "old" prepper is staying alive

SL2: I don't want to die

I'm 67, with type 2 diabetes.

According to some, I'm one of those 1% who should be left to die, so that the economy can survive.

But that's not going to happen... not if I can help it.

Because there's a specific set of things I'm doing to survive when there's no doctor.

Things I learned from a "3rd world doctor" who is used to deprivation - when hospitals are flooded with sick people, and there are shortages of essential equipment.

Click here to discover 3 simple medical skills for survival

Download the html code as an archived file

SL: The end of healthcare

Fellow patriot,

Tough times for us Americans over 60.

With hospitals flooded with critical cases, it will be a while until we can get a doctor's attention.

This could be the worst healthcare shortage this country has seen since the Civil War.

But all hope is NOT lost. This 3rd world doctor says there are a few simple, effective medical skills anyone can learn fast... to save and extend your life in a medical crisis.

Click here to discover how 3rd world doctors handle a medical crisis

Download the html code as an archived file

SL: No more doctors

What do you do when you're feeling unwell... but there's no hospital to go to, and no doctor who can see you?

You become your own doctor.

You might not perform complex procedures... but there's still plenty you can do to stay alive and healthy... until a doctor can finally see you.

It's what 3rd world doctors do in a crisis... when hospitals are closed and there are widespread shortages.

Click here to discover 3 simple medical skills you can learn today to stay alive

Download the html code as an archived file

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